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Interview with Claire McErlean aka @wardrobe_reinventure

First of all, apologies for the hiatus here on the blog this past week. I have finally finished and submitted my final report for my Social Media Management course so I am back in the land of the living! It feels good to be back here on the blog. This evening I am delighted to have Claire aka @wardrobe_reinventure here doing my interview. I 'met' Claire early on in my project and it was great to find someone who is doing a similar challenge; no new clothes in 2018-"only running and wedding gear allowed!" We also share a love of all things pattern and are not afraid of a bit of statement jewelry. Over to Claire... 1. When did you first start shopping preloved? Did anything or anyone inspire you to do so? Well where do I begin! I have always loved clothes! As the youngest of 4 children I began life in the 80s in preloved (siblings of the 70s so I had some fantastic orange and brown toweling clothing!)  Sunday mornings meant car boot sales. I loved al

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